Intelligence Lifecycle Management Platform


within Intelinet, analysts gather information coming from sources such as:

  • Interviews.
  • Digital and physical surveillance.
  • Human source operation.
  • Digital sources (DB, Docs, Audio, Video).
  • Websites.
  • Social media.
  • Processing

    Intelinet transforms collected information into a source usable by analysts.
    All this is done through a variety of methods including indexing, language translations, classification, aggregation, agrupation, geo codification, etc.
    The processing phase involves the input of information into databases where it leverages the analysis process.

    Analysis and Production

    Intelinet empowers Analysts in the process of transforming raw information into intelligence.
    It incorporates integration, evaluation and analysis of available information as well as preparation of intelligence products by working on case-based collaborative investigations.


    Intelinet enables the delivery of Intelligence assets by moving raw or finished products to the consumers whose needs started the intelligence requirements.
    Several dashboards and document formats are supported to present analysis results.

    Planning and Direction

    Intelinet provides an integrated environment for managing the entire Intelligence effort, from identifying the need for information to delivering an intelligence product to a consumer.
    It includes implementation plans to satisfy requirements, as well as identifying specific collection requirements based on needs.